Jewelry Repair

At Stephen's Fine Jewelry, we specialize in repairing jewelry and offer a wide range of jewelry repair services - from a simple ring sizing to complete restorations. We have a team of in-house master jewelers who have the experience and knowledge to repair any jewelry be it a ring, chain, bracelet, necklace, and much more.

Do you have a piece of jewelry that is broken and you can’t wear it anymore? Don’t worry! Bring it to our store located in Bellefontaine, OH and let our professional jewelers take care of it. When you leave your jewelry at our store to be repaired, you can rest assured that it is in safe and experienced hands and that when you get it back, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing it again.

Jewelry Repair Services At Stephen’s Fine Jewelry
LDS. Smaller$35.00
LDS. Larger$45.00
LDS. Additional$25.00
GNTS. Smaller$45.00
GNTS. Larger$65.00
GNTS. Additional$35.00
Extra Wide (Over 6MM):
EST. Only Sizing Beads$75.00
LDS. 1/2 (Gold)$275.00
GNTS. 1/2 (Gold)$350.00
Finger MateEST. Only
General Soldering:
Solder Set$50.00
Solder Chains $29.00
14K Chain Wide HB & Rope$35.00
LDS. Break In Shank$45.00
GNTS. Break In Shank$55.00
14K Charms$24.00
SS Charms$15.00
14K Jump Rings Supply & Solder$40.00
14K Safety Chain$120.00
Retipping Prongs:
Rebuild Prongs$40.00
One Prong$30.00
Two Prongs$38.00
Three Prongs$46.00
Four Prongs$54.00
Additional Prongs$12.00
Pull & Reset$30.00
Multi Stone Pull & ResetEST Only
PlatinumEST Only
Tighten Stones$39.00
Appriasals$60.00 & Up
Replace Heads (Setting Included):
0.00 - ; 0.50CT$130.00
0.50 - ; 0.75CT$150.00
0.75 - ; 1.00CT$170.00
Fancy-Pear, Marquise, Heart, Etc Additional$30.00
Bead SetEST Only
PaveEST Only
0.00 - ; 0.50CT$40.00
0.50 - ; 0.75CT$55.00
0.75 - ; 1.00CT$60.00
Antique Rings$38.00
High Polish Rings $29.00
Florentine Rings$90.00
Satin Or Brush Rings$45.00
Rhodium Rings$60.00
14K Lobster Soldered$70.00 - $120.00
Extra Long LobsterEST. Only
14K Barrel$70.00 - $120.00
Extra Long BarrelEST. Only
14K Spring Rings$48.00
Extra Large Spring RingEST. Only
14K Screw Backs & Posts (PAIR)$139.00
14K Posts & Backs (PAIR)$80.00
Protektor Backs & Posts (PAIR) $175.00
Platinum Work:
Platinum WorkEST. Only
Tighten Stones Platinum$50.00
Inside Ring Engraving$24.00
If Trademark Removed$38.00
Costume Jewelry and all other metal work with LaserEst. Only
Lithium Batteries$8.00
Watch Link Work$7.50
Restringing Pearls (Knotted)$0.75 (Per Pearl)
Postage Charge to send out Customer Warranty Items$10.00 - $20.00

For more information on our Jewelry Repair services, please Contact Us.

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